Update 8 was an addition to Atmosphir, which introduced character customization and many other features.



  • Weapon Combat. Press the action key (”Shift” for simple and “F” for Veteran) to use a weapon (if equipped). Hold to repeat attack for melee weapons.
  • Equip Button. A new button to switch between weapons.
  • Bomb Cannon. Bombs are no longer thrown, they're fired from a handheld cannon.
  • Healthbar added to GUI.
  • Play Browser: Some comment bugs fixed (no more horizontal scrolling, hopefully). Scrollable level descriptions.


  • Color Theme Pack: A brand new pack of 16 colored boxes and basic platforms (moving platforms coming soon).
  • Solid Color Backgrounds. Go to File > Rules. Now have the option to turn the background off and make solid color backgrounds instead.
  • Level locking. During the upload dialog, there is a checkbox to allow a level to be editable or not.
  • Game creation. There is an option to make a “level pack” during the upload dialog. Simply select the levels to be packed together, and upload away.
  • Longer descriptions- You can now write longer level descriptions.
  • Online Functionality: a signin dialog appears when entering design mode. It is still possible to choose to “Go Offline” and design offline as always.

Character CustomizationEdit

  • Character customization released, at the demise of Cameron.
  • Market and AtmoStore released.
  • Players' Club released.


  • “Remember Me” button added to login.
  • Credits (bottom of main menu) updated.

Notes and referencesEdit


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