New ContentEdit

The biggest change is when you hit play on the main menu. The new Freeplay Browser has several new features, including a “miniprofile” in the upper-right corner. This shows a picture of your character (which you can take a snapshot of in the character customization screen now) or forum avatar, your wins/losses, and your leaderboard medals. It’s a quick way to check out someone’s status in the Atmosphir world. Anytime you hover over someone else’s name (like in the leaderboards or comments), you’ll see their miniprofile as well. Not only can you see their win/loss record and medals, but you can also add them as a friend (click the “+ friend” button). This means you’ll be able to track them with two new filters: Friend Levels and Friend Records. So anytime your friend uploads a new level or posts a new leaderboard record, you can check them out. You can also delete a friend by going to their profile and clicking the “- friend” button.

You’ll notice we’ve also added a new rating system to levels: a 0-5 star scale and an easy-expert difficulty setting. Whenever you pause a level or get to a win/loss screen, you’ll have the chance to rate levels. I’d ask everyone in the community to make a concentrated effort to do this as much as possible - it will help the best content rise to the top. Unfortunately this means the old starring system is no more - but your plays have remained intact. I would suggest every designer should go back and give your levels an appropriate difficulty rating (and 5 stars while you’re at it!). You’ll also notice a new drop-down filter that allows you to filter by difficulty, so now you can search for levels that match your current skills.

Instead of a boring text-heavy list, levels are now represented by cards. A card will show a small screenshot of the level, the name and designer, a club icon if it’s by a Player’s Club member, a difficulty-driven colored background, and a win/loss symbol if you’ve beaten it or not. You might notice more activity on the front page, since levels will be moving up and down in the ranks more frequently and rapidly.

Leaderboards are a huge addition that instantly give levels a new dimension of replay value. Click the leaderboards tab for any level, and you’ll see the best scores from Atmosphir players all over the world. If a level is ranked with an intermediate difficulty or higher, you’ll also see gold/silver/bronze medals for the top 3 spots (which are reflected in your miniprofile). Designers - you can change the scoring parameters of your levels by going into the rulebook. I would strongly suggest giving time limits to all your levels, even if it’s something huge like 60 minutes - it will allow for more diversity in scores.

You’ll also notice some other goodies in this update - some new river props in the Forest Treehouse pack, several new character customization items (including the giant mascot heads, my personal favorites), and small touches like being able to access the options menu from the pause screen.

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