New ContentEdit

+ Player’s Club extras. If you have a Player’s Club account, you will automatically get the exclusive red + black ninja outfit (which works for both males and females), ninjato sword, and 16 more eyes and mouths.

+ New Marketplace items for sale. 3 new weapons (Battle Axe, Hookblade Halberd, and Hooked Scimitar - 100 atmos apiece) and 2 new costumes (Tutankhamun and Anubis Warrior - 200 atmos apiece).

+ Rules button added to design mode. Positioned next to save, you now have a quick button for accessing the rules.

+ Screenshot Grid Removal. The grid automatically disappears when you take a screenshot now.

+ All Theme Pack Selector. Now you have the option of choosing “all” theme packs in design mode.

+ Jump/Ledge-hang Improvement. Ledge-hanging and jumping have been further optimized. They may not be 100%, but they’re a lot better than before (no more “bouncing” off ledges).

+ Easier pushing. Pushing objects like boxes and beach balls has been fixed and is a lot easier.

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