New ContentEdit

+ 6 new Muka design objects. 4 Muka tents, a Muka box and Muka floor. Very cool stuff - I think we’re going to see some awesome Muka villages soon…

+ Rule indicators in play mode GUI. Now you’ll know exactly what goals you need to finish when playing a level. The lower-right-hand corner will display all current objectives. There’s also better onscreen indications when you complete an objective.

+ Refined character animations. You’ll notice some additional animations for jumps and landing - small touches that add a little extra life to the character.

+ Powerup properties. All powerups have additional properties. Depending on the powerup, you can specify the number of points, respawn time, value, etc. Adds a lot more customization to how your powerups work (including negative effects in some cases!).

+ Forest Treehouse basic platforms (branches) now have corrected LOD (aka, they don’t pop into squares anymore).

+ The moving platform “push thru” bug has been fixed. If a moving platform looks like it’s going to squash you, it will stop in place until you move out of the way. If you build a level around this bug, you’ll need to fix it (we told you not to do it in the first place)!

+ Bomb respawn time. Make bombs reappear after a certain time limit (30 seconds is the default).

+ Better block visibility in design mode. Remember how blocks used to disappear and do weird things as you deleted stuff or zoomed in and out? Hopefully that’s fixed now.

+ Various smaller bug fixes and tweaks, including these tickets:

  1. 176 BUG: “Retry from Checkpoint” doesn’t work hanging on spikes
  2. 93 Delay after pressing the login OK button.
  3. 173 DESIGN: Forced Finish Flag bug
  4. 90 Design Mode: releasing ALT while rotating the camera, stills rotates the camera.
  5. 151 PLAY: Mukas get flung from respawning vertical moving platforms.
  6. 152 PLAY: Easy cheat for Scouts (suicide jump)
  7. 154 PLAY: Starring Cheat Bug
  8. 162 DESIGN: Ceiling Spikes In Old Levels Reset to 1 Height
  9. 161 DESIGN: Background Reset Issue
  10. 158 DESIGN: New Moving Platform “Death Re-trigger” Property Needed
  11. 155 DESIGN: Undo/Redo Bug
  12. 153 DESIGN: Deleting Mukas Leads to some Weird Bugs.
  13. 149 DESIGN: Bird Misspelling
  14. 144 DESIGN: Double Flag Bug
  15. 146 PLAY: Killing enemies counts as 2?
  16. 156 DESIGN: Muka 0 Health = Crash
  17. 145 DESIGN: Mukas called crabs in properties
  18. 148 PLAY: Mukas not falling properly

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