The admins will impose bans to those that violate any rules or parts of the Terms of Conduct. However the bans will depend on the severity of the violation, as it can range from a reminder to an ISP ban.

Reminders Edit

If the violation is not so serious and only a minor one, a reminder will be given out. Three reminders and it will result in a ban in a maximum of three days based on the severity. In some cases the violation may be so severe a ban that lasts up to two weeks or even a permanent one can be imposed.

Bans Edit

Bans are placed on violators who did not follow a part of the Terms of Conduct, and therefore proven to be more serious than the minor ones. The minimum length is one day, while the maximum is two weeks. Permanent bans may be placed on those whose violations are severe.

IP Bans Edit

These bans are specialized to be imposed on those who continued to create accounts and violate the rules, most likely through bypassing the system using IP hiders. These people can be caught through their IPs, so their IPs can be blocked using this type of ban. In rare cases an IP ban may last for three weeks - one week more than the maximum length of a normal ban (two weeks).

ISP Bans Edit

These are the ultimate types of imposations used on violators. This type of bans are used on people who have bypassed the IP Bans and therefore continue to violate the Terms of Conduct. This type of ban works by calling their ISP (Internet Service Provider) and requesting them to block the IP's access to the website. It may sound like only the IP will be affected, but it WILL also block the computer's access to the website. That means no matter where you are, no matter what IP hider you use, and no matter what computer you are using, you are banned from the website. No wonder it is known as the "True Death."

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