Race08 was the very first design challenge, announced on 7 October 2008, which asked designers to create the best racetrack level.

The top 10 levels were announced in a Jumpstart episode as follows:

  • 10th Place: Don't Stop by kryty
  • 9th Place: Leki's Formula One Grand Prix by Leki1982
  • 8th Place: Tunnels of Fate by drebenk
  • 7th Place: Deadman's Run by drebenk
  • 6th Place: Giant Sandcastle Race by BrainRainey
  • 5th Place: Running Ascension by 041744
  • 4th Place: Star Race by tarutaru
  • 3rd Place: Droppy by kryty
  • 2nd Place: Extra Long Super Speed Track by Sk8rdude94
  • 1st Place: Volcano Deathrace by Fast1

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