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Project Stratosphir is the codename for the massive port of all design and play assets to the Unity engine; not only allowing for an entirely in-browser experience, but also greatly improved graphics and physics.


Numerous additions were added to the game on release, including:

  • Change to the Unity Engine.
  • Addition of Multiplayer.
  • Addition of Info Stickers.
  • 3D Copy & Paste.
  • Addition of Lasers.
  • You can fight without a weapon.
  • Addition of Ragdoll Physics.
  • Bombable Blocks have Health and Respawn Values.
  • Browser Play.
  • Character Customization access from the Pause Menu.
  • Reset Level Button in Pause Menu.
  • Improved Combat System.
  • Addition of Gravity Changers.
  • New aiming system.
  • New Skyboxes.




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