The Halloween08 design challenge asked designers to create the best Halloween themed level.

The winners were announced in a Jumpstart episode as follows:

  • 10th Place: Atmosphir Dungeon Castle by Mattz93
  • 9th Place: 7 Minutes in Halloween's Tower by tarutaru
  • 8th Place: Scream by Jonas16
  • 7th Place: Ghost Castle by Jonas16
  • 6th Place: Sea of the Dead by Alexger
  • 5th Place: Trick or Treat Beginner Level by Aprileeta
  • 4th Place: Adventure Quest by Gangster301
  • 3rd Place: Big Boo's Castle remake by Abi91
  • 2nd Place: Lost by meloen
  • 1st Place: Mines of Moria by Frodo

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