A Gravity Switcher, when touched by a player, will change the downwards direction of gravity, thereby forcing the character to walk on platforms at another angle, and moving all over free objects in the new direction.


The prop can only be configured for one direction, and will flip all of the level in its direction. It can be set to respawn after some amount of time, similar to a Bomb or Laser.


Often, Gravity switchers will be used to allow the player to reach new areas of a level.

In racing levels, it is popular to get players to touch a switcher to reach the next stretch of track.


  • Gravity switchers can be used to get Beach Balls to move. Players would have to use several rotated switchers to maneuverer the ball and activate moving platforms.
  • One puzzle shows that you have to touch the correct gravity shifters to get crates out of the 'hole' so you can crawl in, this appears in High Hills 2-1.