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Design Mode

Design Mode


An Empty Design Grid


A Level Being Edited in Design Mode

Design Mode is the heart of Atmosphir. It allows players to design and play their own levels, created using an array of blocks and props.

Tips For Design ModeEdit

  • Cracked Blocks can be destroyed by bombs or crow eggs.
  • The Tree Gate is a trap door. By opening it the player falls down.
  • WASD/arrows = pan
  • E = floor up
  • Q = floor down
  • R = rotate (can be modified with shift too)
  • R + scrollwheel = fine-tuned rotate (can be modified with shift too)
  • F = free placement (tries to snap to closest polygon)
  • C + scrollwheel = scale
  • Double-click = properties
  • Z and X = rotate 90 degrees
  • a/t/option + click = orbit

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