2008 Edit

October - The old version of Atmosphir finally goes into Private Beta. The invites where sent out slowly to insure that the severs wouldn't be flooded.

2009 Edit

(Atmosphir player boberto has kindly written this extensive day-to-day history of 2009 for the community, and he gives us permission to quote the whole thing over here.)

January 5 - The first ever moderator applications for the forums are posted, with the deadline set to be January 10. Before this, the only moderators on the forums were Minor Studios staff. In addition to moderator applications, the announcement of “Atmosphir Pro Designers” popped up on both the forums and the News page.

January 8 - The first Jumpstart of the new year was up, containing the Mountain09 design challenge results and the announcement of Update 7. Update 7 was an update to really help Atmosphir’s performance–adding a more info section and comments section to each level description in the play browser. It also improved some textures and fixed a lot of bugs. Released on the 13th of January, it was the last Update to ever contain our long-lost friend Cameron.

January 23 - Dave and Martin show up in a virtual Jumpstart reminding you all that the current design challenge, Boss09, will be over soon. Dave announces the addition of Atmosphir Teams on the forums and shows us a small video of character animations coming with Update 8.

January 30 - The whole new website is up, as well as the Boss09 design challenge results. Along with the Boss09 results came the announcement of the first ever Team design challenge, with the somewhat obvious name of Team09. Martin also shows us how Character Customization is coming along over in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

February 10 - Dave stars in the first ever Platforms Live podcast, chatting about Pro Designers, Levels of the Day, and showing us a Dev build of the Color Pack and Character Customization. He answers our questions for about an hour.

LOTD: Kingdoms 1-1: The Beginning by redidas

February 14 - Yet another Jumpstart is up announcing that the long-awaited Update 8 is set to launch on February 24. Dave wishes us a happy Valentine’s Day and shows us some of the “Why I Love Atmosphir” videos that have been popping up on YouTube.

LOTD: Seashore Stronghold – The Crabs Last Stand 1/2 by frodo

February 24 - The anticipated Update 8 arrives, bringing the end of Cameron and the start of customizable characters. Update 8 contains not only new characters, but the addition of the Color Theme Pack and solid color backgrounds to design mode, weapon combat, the bomb cannon, and a new “AtmoStore” section of the website. It includes those features as well as level locking, game creation (which has since been removed), online and offline designing, longer level descriptions, and a few bug fixes. Update 8 is the biggest update to date in Atmosphir history, with so many features it’s hard to explain them all; you can read the official announcement and forum post here.

LOTD: Tutorial Island by Chillinguy

March 2 - Additional Moderator Applications are up for users to fill out on the forums. The deadline was set to be Friday, March 13.

LOTD: Sticko’s Giant Fish by bigdrip681

March 6 - A new episode of Jumpstart is up, as well as the release of Update 9. There wasn’t much to Update 9, mostly bug fixes, but a few new character customization items were added to the marketplace, and play browser pages we implemented too. Dave ends the Jumpstart with a hilarious Random Atmosphir Moment, courtesy of kaiserg.

LOTD: The Black Shadowlands by frodo

March 13 - The deadline for moderator applications arrives, and Dave tells us all that Update 10 should be coming out late Monday, March 16, with new features such as an Auto-Update feature, bug fixes, and new character customization items. He pops up yet again in a new Jumpstart with the Tutorial09 design challenge results and reminds us of the current challenge, BlockArt09. To end the video, he shows us a short Atmosphir skit by the name of “Leap & Dr. Firebomb.”

LOTD: Coloured Rooms of Confusion by Gadoidao

March 27 - Martin and Maximo join Dave in San Francisco and talk to us about GDC09 and the Muka Tribe. They tell us to look for a new update soon with the new enemies and end the video with some hilarious bloopers.

LOTD: The Cloud Castle by Bboys99

April 4 - Update 11/Beta 1.6 is up. The auto-update didn’t work for everyone, but if you were anxious to get your hands on the Muka Tribe, an entire new game download was available at the beta site. Not only did the new update include the Muka Tribe, but it also came along with a few new game modes, namely Survival Mode, Defeat Enemies Mode, and Defeat Bosses Mode. A Jumpstart also appeared that day, with Dave announcing the BlockArt09 results and telling all of us about the next dual design challenge, Combat09 and Videogame09.

LOTD: 6 Ball by Vindiablo

April 17 - Update 12 went live, containing 6 new Muka Blocks for design mode–things like Muka Boxes and tents–as well as bomb respawn time, new character animations, powerup properties, and a ton of bug fixes. More bugs were fixed with Update 13 on April 20, too.

LOTD: Perilous Pathways: World One by frodo

April 28 - Chris Sprinkle (bigdrip681) is interviewed by Dave at Dave’s office in San Francisco. They discuss Chris’s love for designing and his many impressive Atmosphir creations. Probably one of the most memorable moments in the interview was when they thought of the [fake] Atmosphir slogan, “It’s like LEGOs, for real, but fake!”

LOTD: Pole Position! [Videogame09] by Alexger

April 30 - Minor Studios releases a shader test video, showing our old friend Cameron with a whole new shading effect added to him and to Atmosphir. The torches burn and give off light, as the other blocks look like they’re covered in plastic wrap. Many people missed it, but there was an entirely new skybox in the background as well.

LOTD: 50 Mile Warehouse by Atmosphere

May 4 - Our games prompt us to update as the clothing-filled Update 14 arrives. Player’s Club members were in for a treat when they received their new character customization items. For all the normal users and Club members alike, there were a few small new features, and some bug fixes, of course.

LOTD: The Chronosseum by Amethyst

May 5 - Update 15 16 came out, mostly some bug fixes, but it gave designers a few new Muka Blocks to work with.

LOTD: (Videogame09) Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess – Arbiter’s Ground by supercrazy

May 8 - A new Jumpstart was up, with Dave announcing the winners of Combat09 and Videogame09 and informing everyone that the next design challenge would be Jump09. He told us about Atmosphir’s future, stating that Minor Studios would be taking most of the month of May, and early June, to focus on a lot of player-focussed initiatives. We were intrigued by the screenshots and videos of leaderboards and player profiles. In addition, Dave gave us a sneak peek at water, waterfalls, and piranhas.

LOTD: Along the Seas by Levion

May 22 - After a lot of avatar and signature workshops began to pop up in the Off-Topic section, we said hello to the Creative Spotlight section of the forums (now known as the Creative section).

LOTD: Basin Island 1 by maximumdragon

June 5 - The long-awaited Update 17 made it’s arrival with a whole new play experience. Leaderboards, user miniprofiles (with medals and win/loss records), an entirely new Freeplay interface, a friends system, star and difficulty rankings for levels, new character customization items, and water props all came with the update.

LOTD: Roots Mountain by Nvision

June 10 - The Competition section of the forums was made to honor the leaderboards that had been implemented with Update 17.

LOTD: The Aerial Sand Chasms (Jump09) by Mephiston

June 12 - You know how the deal goes–design challenge results, then the next design challenge announcement, and maybe a few other things thrown in the Jumpstart too–but on the 12th day of June, Atmosphir wasn’t so ordinary anymore. As usual, Dave gave us the Jump09 design challenge results, after a lot of debate about votes… As well as the Team design challenge, Platform2009, results. He told us about the next challenge, Expert09, and then moved on to some important announcement; announcements that would change the history of Atmosphir forever. Dave tells us that about the fact that Minor Studios has been using their own, custom engine for the past two years. He says it’s been great, but he compares it to painting a picture, but making the canvas, the brushes, and the paint. Minor Studios will be translating Atmosphir, he says, to a third-party engine. He told us that we would have to wait for quite a while without any updates–something we’re not used to. But eventually, when they are done with the translation, updates will be coming out at a much more rapid pace, as Minor Studios won’t need to focus on anything but new features; the technology would be better and the overall performance of Atmosphir would be ridiculously improved.

LOTD: Upon The Twighlight Hills (Jump09) by BlazingPlatinum

June 15 - More Moderator Applications were up in the Atmosphir section of the forums, and the community was in ‘Moderator Application Mode’ as always.

LOTD: The Great Plummet Mystery Course [Jump09] by Traceguy

June 19 - The final update that any of us have seen, Update 18–a small patch–came out, with really only one new feature, the river grass platform. In addition to the update, the community competition to find one of Atmosphir’s best designers began; it went by the name the ‘Atlympics.’ There were to be rounds, each consisting of designers facing up against each other until the last two designers faced off in the final round. The first two week long round had started.

LOTD: Sonic Jumpland (Jump09) by trumanbenedict

July 8 - The Expert09 results show up in a new Jumpstart, also with the announcement of the new design challenge, Mini09. Dave reveals the codename for Update 19, a name that will be stuck in every Atmosphir player’s mind for years to come–Project Stratosphir. Martin also talks to us and shows us some of the first footage of Stratosphir.

LOTD: Perilous Pathways: World Five [Expert09] by frodo

July 17 - After a lot of requests, Dave makes the first ever ‘Atmosphir Journal’ video, taped in his own kitchen! He talks about what he wants to see added to the Atmosphir experience and what he’s been working on recently, including things like new art assets and multiplayer.

LOTD: Daydream Dilemma by frodo

July 23 - Similar to the ‘Atmosphir Journal,’ Dave makes another video with the name ‘Mailbox,’ in which he answered a lot of community questions. Yet again, the video contains additional Stratosphir footage.

LOTD: Salvation by Shming

July 31 - The second Mailbox comes out, answering even more of our questions. He ends the video with the classic paper-throw.

LOTD: TheValorChamber by TeamValor

August 5 - Martin has about a 25 minute Q&A session in the first episode of the Atmosphir DevCast. Not only does he answer questions, but he gives us sneak peeks at the progression of Project Stratosphir.

LOTD: Evolution of Speed – Zone One [mini09] by frodo

August 12 - As always, Dave announces the current design challenge results—this time he announced the Mini09 results. He wishes us good luck with our Space09 entries, shows us some more Stratosphir video footage and ends the show with a very funny ‘Catmosphir’ video.

LOTD: Ando Prime [mini09 edition] by munchy365

August 14 - A new thread caught our eye in the Atmosphir section, it’s title labeled “Atmosphir Level Editorial Staff Application.” Clicking the thread title, a new page opened to reveal an announcement about and “Atmosphir Level Editorial Staff.” Dave wanted the best players and writers he could get–six of them–to take his place in distributing Levels of the Day and writing reviews. The deadline is set for August 21. Each application asked for our own review of a level, as well as little more additional information. We wished each other good luck, and hoped for the best.

LOTD: Vertigo by drfuzzyness

August 21 - The third Mailbox is up on the News page and home page of the Atmosphir website; Dave answers our questions once again, and shows us more Stratosphir footage. In addition, the deadline for Editorial Staff applications arrives, as everyone hurries up to get their applications in.

LOTD: Alone by boberto

August 26 - DevCast, episode 2 is released, containing Martin with the dev build of Stratosphir, showing us new features such as scaling objects, shading, and 3D copy and paste. He also answers our questions from Twitter.

LOTD: Temple of the Forgotten by eyeofsauron

September 2 - We all laughed as we watched Dave, in the new Jumpstart, try to pronounce “AHHWARGHAHEGAH” during the announcement of the Space09 design challenge results. Also, Dave explained Big09 and Small09, the next dual design challenge, and answered questions in the fourth Mailbox video segment. He showed us Stratosphir yet again: mulitplayer and spawning points. The classic paper throw was the climax of the video, but this time, Dave actually hit the frame!

LOTD: Escape From The Moon [space09] by robcozzens

September 17 - A ‘Quick Look’ video shows us Stratosphir’s gravity, Capture the Flag, water, moving platform, scaling, ledgehanging, and rotation features.

LOTD: Journey To The Star Realm [space09] by Wowfunhappy

September 20 - The Editorial Staff team decided that they should honor the classic levels uploaded back in Cameron’s time. They started off a week of “Atmosphir Classics.”

LOTD: The Mines Of Moria by frodo

October 13 - Live from Buenos Aires, Dave in Martin star in another Jumpstart, answering our questions and showing us even more Stratosphir footage. They talk for nearly an hour, making it the longest Jumpstart in history.

LOTD: Atwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by RedStorm

October 15 - Dave showed off the brilliant new Pause Menu coming with Stratosphir in yet another Quick Look video. We saw that with Stratosphir, when the game is paused, you’ll be able to move the camera around your character and change you clothes, etc.

LOTD: Coconut Kingdom [Big09] by BlazingPlatinum

November 1 - Arcade09, the last ever design challenge before the release of Update 19–Project Stratosphir–was announced. The goal was to create the best arcade-themed level you could, while still staying relatively simple.

LOTD: The Ruins Of Cydonia by Saunby

November 6 - Again, Dave shows us some more of Stratosphir, specifically a level he created. Many of the blocks are rotated and resized, something different coming with the new engine.

LOTD: The Autumnal Equinox Temple by FireArrow

November 24 - Another level Dave created with Stratosphir is shown in a Quick Look. He demonstrates how to make a waterfall by rotating water blocks, and tells us about the new animations and blocks. He blows crows into the sky with the new bomb-aiming feature. Also, once again, the Atmosphir community is searching for additional moderators to add to the team, the deadline for applications was set for December 1.

LOTD: The Garden of Sin by Saunby

December 15 - Nearing the end of the year, Minor studios releases a video showing ten new features coming with Stratosphir that the community might want to know about. A few aren’t new, as they had been shown in previous videos, but some were unknown to almost every user. We are intrigued by the new additions to the game.

LOTD: Sentinel by frodo

December 27 - To review the year, the Editorial Staff writes articles for the greatest LOTDs of 2009. To kick off the week, Titans Grave[Big09] by Groud receives the first honorary position as one of the greatest Levels of the Day ever designed and uploaded.

2011 Edit


Atmosphir began the phase of its own abrupt end, but only became obvious by the month of November. With severe issues of the game itself beyond recovery and the appearance of the actual manager behind this all, Hasley Minor, the community became upset with the fact that he also caused the previous Minor Studios staff from America as well as Argentina altogether to forfeit from any further development of the game. Sirkay1995 had begun a strike thread to attempt getting Hasley and the new developers to sense and start working on fixing the bugs on site and in the game. Many arguments were had and seemed to be going somewhere.

But it appears that the strikes went nowhere anyway.

2012 Edit

Early this year marks the grave of what was once Atmosphir's former glory. Hasley's fatal flaw was found out when someone has mentioned his personal income tax debt reaching over $14,247,341.09. Everyone can no longer access the site by the beginning of February.

When any of you ask the users who used to play the game, they will give many response, some pleasant and the others horrible.

"One who forgets history will repeat it."


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