Cameron, now removed from the game, was the original character used for private beta testing of Atmosphir - succeeding Hero, who was used for pre-beta prototype character. Cameron was arguably the most iconic character, and his leaving was met with mourning from fans.

Along with Ashley, Cameron was set to be one of the in-game characters, but Ashley was never integrated.

After being replaced in Update 8, character customization was implemented to allow players a greater creative freedom.



Main article: Hero

Prior to the private beta release of Atmosphir, a simplistic stick-figure prototype named Hero was used for internal testing.


Atmosphir history states that Cameron sacrificed himself in order to defeat and end the Aphelion Wars. Therefore, Cameron, despite mourning of friends, will probably not be coming back.


  • Cameron originated from of Dave Werner's comic strips entitled Second Nature World.
  • Dave Werner named his son after Cameron.


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