Cakedonald, or, calling himself Mongal Jikardope, is the most recent spammer in Atmosphir and had been hating Atmosphir ever since. He came from Vietnam (according to his Youtube page), and has been noticed and hated for putting in massive amounts of troll tags and mini-spamming with swearing words.

Troll Tags Attack Edit

The first troll tags attack occurred in August 2011, when Cakedonald started to put in tags that are soon notcied to be troll tags including "fail" and "bad." Soon after he was banned for his actions he returned with other accounts, noticably as "cakedonald2" and "cakedonald3." During his attack he had started moving up to attacking the forums but not as sucessful as Pokemaol.

Spam Attack Edit

During his time he moved to the forums to spam, people were replying to the thread. One said that it's funny, while the another said that the life for the thread would be approximately 15 minutes. Soon he was IP banned (?) and so far he didn't return because his IP was banned.

External Edit

Cakedonald and his brother (his alt, Cakedonald2) had created a page on Facebook known as Atmosphir Sucks. This similarly goes to Youtube. Atmosphir players are "trolling" on this page, said Cakedonald one time. People that ever disagreed with him and/or flaming him or his videos are blocked (banned in Facebook) from the page.