Basic Props are props used for decorative and aesthetic purposes, though they may serve gameplay purposes as well.


  • There is wide array of props, including ancient Aztec Heads, torches, tropical and eastern trees, among others. The new Industrial pack adds to this.
  • Props usually take up more capacity percentage than normal blocks and flags.

Name Image Properties
Big Flower Big flower Static Prop
Clam Clam Static Prop
Fence corner Fence corner Static Prop
Fence cross Fence cross Static Prop
Fence split Fence split Static Prop
Fence straight Fence straight Static Prop
Fence straight broken Fence straight broken Static Prop
Firefly lamp Firefly lamp Emits white light.
Floating shells Floating shells Static Prop
Fountain Fountain Creates water particles on its top.
Hanging platform Hanging platform

Static Prop (with a falling platform version)

Jumping leaf Jumping leaf Static Prop
Legotree barkroots Legotree barkroots Static Prop
Legotree platform 1 Legotree platform 1 Static Prop
Legotree platform 2 Legotree platform 2 Static Prop
Legotree singlebark Legotree singlebark Static Prop
Legotree top Legotree top Static Prop
Little house Little house Static Prop
Muka crossbox Muka crossbox Static Prop
Muka openbox Muka openbox Static Prop
Muka sticks Muka sticks Static Prop
Muka tent Muka tent Static Prop
Muka tent open Muka tent open

Static Prop (with indoor area)

Muka tent skull Muka tent skull Static Prop
Opencage Opencage Static Prop
Palmtree Palmtree Static Prop
Plant Plant Static Prop
River corner River corner Its water surface slows the player down and reduces jump-height.
River island River island Its water surface slows the player down and reduces jump-height.
River ramp River ramp Static Prop
River reed River reed Static Prop
River straight River straight Its water surface slows the player down and reduces jump-height.
River water River water Its water surface slows the player down and reduces jump-height.
Road arrow Road arrow Static Prop
Sandcastle connection Sandcastle connection Static Prop
Sandcastle corner Sandcastle corner Static Prop
Sandcastle door Sandcastle door Static Prop
Sandcastle tower Sandcastle tower Static Prop
Sandcastle tower top Sandcastle tower top Static Prop
Stonehead Stonehead Static Prop
Stones Stones Static Prop
Torch Torch Emits red light; creates fire particles on its top.
Totem Totem Static Prop
Towerpath corner Towerpath corner Static Prop
Towerpath half Towerpath half Static Prop
Tree 75px Static Prop


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