Developer(s) Minor Studios
Release date(s) October 2008 (Private beta)
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Singleplayer
Platform(s) Windows|8, Mac, and Linux
Rating TBA
Distribution Open Beta
System requirements PC, Mac, Linux
Input Keyboard and mouse
Third-party controllers
Engine Unity

Atmosphir (released in October 2008 for private beta) was a 3D adventure game for Mac, PC and Linux. It was based entirely on user-created levels and games. The game went under numerous updates and changes. Edit


Atmosphir was primarily a 3D design tool, allowing designers to use not only simple blocks, but also props and hazards. Players were also able to create their own unique character, with a selection of hairstyles and clothes, as well as weapons, and more purchasable items from the Market, and play other users games.


Gameplay was varied depending on what a certain user decided to create, but the most popular forms of levels were as follows:

  • Platforming - Consisting of mainly jumping and avoiding obstacles in order to eventually get to the finish flag.
  • Time Trials - Usually consisting of a level with little or no time, with time powerups along the way. A popular team that contributed to this art was known as AR, the 'alliance racers'.
  • Racers - Levels in which you race to the finish avoiding hazards and obstacles.
  • Puzzles - Levels where you have to figure out how to do something (unlock a door, create a bridge and such)
  • Exploring - Where the player just has to look around the level and discover secret rooms and info stickers. In these games the goal is normally Survive the Time Limit or Beat the Score.

These are just some of the wide and varied gameplay elements in Atmosphir, it really depends on the preference of the user.

Design modeEdit

Main article: Design Mode

Designing levels was at the heart of Atmosphir - any user was able to create a level using blocks, props and power-ups, allowing for a huge creative range.

Single playerEdit

The game's single-player element was based entirely on user-created levels. Levels, which were created in design mode, could be selected and played from a list of thousands.


  • Implemented in Version 0.7.1 (Project Stratosphir), this feature was similar to other multiplayer games: two or more players playing together online. There were many game modes that users could enable by putting certain objects in their level.
  • There were two types of multiplayer in Atmosphir - co-operative mode and competitive mode.
  • A multiplayer session was conducted via P2P connections.
  • To start the game, the host had to press the "X" button, otherwise the session would stay in Practice Mode. A session would end when both the host and other players leave it.

A small update which indicates connection status in the main menu of the in-game, at bottom left, was made. If the status says "Connection status:NAT. Can host or join NAT sessions", that means the network connection of a player is good. If otherwise, the player will only be able to host Local Area Network (LAN) multiplayer sessions.

Co-operative modeEdit

Co-operative mode, or shortened to Co-op, was an online game session in which players had to co-operate to finish one level. The designer of a level could choose to enable co-operative mode via the rulebook in Design Mode. Unfortunately, co-op plays didn't give leaderboard scores upon completion, so if a player wanted to place in a level, he or she had to play in solo mode.

Competitive modeEdit

Competitive Mode was an online game session where players would either battle each other (Free Combat) or team up to defeat the other team (Team Combat, Capture The Flag). The designer had to enable either competitive modes in his or her level(s) via the rulebook in Design Mode. Players who wanted to host a competitive session had to go to the list of competitive levels in-game, click on the level desired for hosting and customize the preference of the server (Type of competitive, number of players, number of lives, goal count, enable/disable enemies and time given).



Additions to Atmosphir were commonly referred to as updates, and they were delievered on a regular basis for the continued success of the game. With each new update, new features (or at least bug fixes) were added to the game. Update 1 was the initial launch of the old engine of Atmosphir. After Update 18, updates became referred to as Version numbers in the new Project Stratosphir. This new version of the game was web-based and used the Unity engine.

Update 0.8Edit

Main article: Update 8

Update 8 most notably introduced character customization and the color theme pack.

Version 0.7Edit

Main article: Project Stratosphir

Codenamed Project Stratosphir, this update saw the release of enhanced graphics and performance, the addition of Multiplayer mode, along with numerous bug fixes and the transition to a fully in-bowser experience.

The AbandonEdit

During November 2011, Atmosphir's website had been going blank. It is now confirmed that it is abandoned and all of the progress on it has stopped.

During February 2012, the site reopened. A new developer, called RohanArin's released a statement a few days after the reopening:

"Hi, I began working on the bugs last year. There may be short downtimes to update things. Your levels and accounts are backed up, so no worries. I work on several things at Minor Studios among which now include maintaining atmosphir until more developers are hired. I am aware of most of the bugs, but if you find something new post it so it can be tracked down. Anyway the site should be up for a while :) Also stay tuned for some cool new stuff. Best, Rohan" 

Not munch is known except the fact that new developers are slowly being hired. Updates may come in a very slow time due to the bugs and the problems Hayley caused to make him finish in first place.


Atmosphir returned at the hands of its old community as of January 7th 2013 (The game died due to lack of funding in 2012). While the game is currently up and running again, the website is no longer available. This project was made possible by two developers. One user began the driver by de-compiling all of Atmosphir. It was later revealed that another used had been working on a functional Atmosphir server as well. To download the game, go to For more information visit


Atmosphir 1.0 - 1.8Edit

Atmosphir 0.7 - ("Stratosphir")Edit

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