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Atmosphir Wiki official projects are projects undertaken over the entire wiki to improve its current state. They are listed here by the administration as either pending or completed.

When working on a project, it is important to be acquainted with the Layout Guide and Manual of Style to ensure quality.

Pending projectsEdit

Full design element coverageEdit

status: pending

The design elements category is rather devoid of articles, and needs to be filled. Articles for each design element need to be created and standardized, as below.

Article standardization and categorization.Edit

status: pending

Many articles lack the necessary templates for them to be standardized, such as infoboxes and other management templates. The Article icons template also needs to be added to every article. All infoboxes should be completed.

Articles also need to be categorized correctly. The necessary categories can be found from here.

Image standardization and categorizationEdit

status: pending

Most images are lacking this template and the necessary categories. These need to be added so that all images are easy to find. If you find an unneeded image, contact an administrator so it can be deleted. All images can be found here.

No more "orphaned" imagesEdit

status: pending

Many images have been uploaded but not used. All images need to be added to their relevant articles or deleted. A list of orphaned images can be found here.

Completed projectsEdit

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