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This Manual of Style is a guide for all editors to make sure all articles are formatted properly.

In the interests of keeping the articles as clean, concise and professional as possible, all wiki contributors should strive for consistency of content. That is, articles of a similar type should follow a similar layout in order to be consistent.


Please register before making edits. Not only does this hide your IP address, but it also allows you to take credit for your contributions. If possible, use your Atmosphir username in the interests of keeping the community together.


  • Please categorize all articles created and images uploaded. This helps to keep the wiki organised and sensible.
  • When inserting images into articles, unless in a gallery or infobox, be sure to make them thumbnails, like so: [[File:file.jpg|thumb]]. Also be sure to add a caption, like so: [[File:file.jpg|thumb|This is a caption]].
  • Never use the second person singular ("you") in articles. This is inappropriate for an encyclopedia. When referring to other people, use the terms "the designer" or "the player." So instead of saying "you must push the crate," say "the player must push the crate." Or instead of "you can use this object," put "the designer can use this object."
  • Avoid overuse of capital letters in subtitles. Rather than ==See Also==, use ==See also==.
  • Before adding an trivial facts to articles in the Trivia section, ensure that the facts are relevant to the article and are useful to know and informative.


  • Avoid uploading images that don't belong in any articles. Images not used in any articles will be deleted if not added.
  • When uploading imaged, always add a relevant and informative caption, and be sure to add the necessary categories.

Article layoutEdit

Main article: AtmoWiki:Layout Guide

Make sure that articles use the correct headings and try and keep them organized.


  • The names of games (usually just Atmosphir) and levels should be written in italics.

Present and past tensesEdit

When writing articles, contributors should usually try to write in present tense, unless describing the history of something. For instance, when talking about Cameron, refer to him in present tense ("Cameron is") unless referring to the fact that he is no longer in the game ("Cameron was").

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