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Articles of a similar type must follow a similar layout in order to be consistent, therefore this official Layout Guide shows how articles should be structured; it should be considered a standard that everyone has to follow. Feel free to discuss it in the talk page, or with any of the administrators.

Please use this guide when creating and editing articles to ensure consistency. Repeatedly disregarding it may result in a short block.

General layout

These sections are for any type of article. When there is nothing to say in these sections, they of course must not be included.

  • "Behind the scenes" is for development information, such as design evolution, cut content, name change, etc.
  • "Trivia" is for trivial information, such as little details that does not add much to the subject, could even be disregarded, but are fun to know. Pointless and irrelevant trivia will be removed.

Article introduction

All articles must feature a short introduction, detailing what the page is about, and giving a short summary of the subject.

Some points to remember for the introduction:

  • The subject of the article must always be in bold.
  • At least one relevant picture should be in the right hand side of the article, and in the infobox if one is available.

After the introduction, the first subtitle should almost always be Overview, and if not, something more relevant.

Main content

The main content of the article usually consists of an Overview section, and other relevant sections, such as:

  • Development
  • History
  • Tactics

Overview usually contains information about the subject's appearance, features, and usage.

This information should be clear and non-repetitive. It is often desirable to put subsections within these sections, and these are left to the discretion of users, although they may be changed if necessary.

Article end

After the main content, these sections may need to be placed in, to house content that may not be relevant elsewhere.

  • Behind the scenes - information about development/cut content.
  • Trivia - Relevant trivia only.
  • Gallery - Can be subdivided if necessary (Pre-Stratosphir, Stratosphir, etc.)
  • Notes and references - required only if there are citations. Must contain "<references />" tag.
  • See also
  • External links

By subject

Specific headings for subjects. This covers only the main content of the articles.


Template:Enemy infobox should be placed at the top of the page.

  • Overview
    • Behavior (information on enemy behavior)
  • Tactics (how to battle the enemy)

Design element

Template:Design element infobox should be placed at the top of the page.

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