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The featured articles of the wiki are articles that represent the best Atmosphir Wiki has to offer. They are voted for by the community and nominated by the administrators.

An article's status is indicated by the F, G or S logos in the top right corner.

Voting for future featured articles should be discussed here.

Featured articlesEdit

Featured article logo

A featured article should:

  • Consist of information that the average Atmosphir fan wouldn't know
  • Be well-written with good grammar
  • Contain only factual knowledge with no speculation
  • Have no outstanding disputes
  • Include at least one image
  • Hold proper sources for statements where necessary
  • Be structured according to the official layout guide, unless it is too short
  • Have decent "behind the scenes" coverage and where reasonable, trivia

Good and safe articlesEdit

Good article logo
Safe article logo

When an article is too short but of quality nevertheless, it is called a good article. Its criteria are the same as for featured articles, but less content is needed.

When an article is clean but has little content, it is just considered a safe article.

See alsoEdit

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