Headline image for Arcade09.

Arcade09 was the November dual Design and Play challenge. The goal for this was to have levels that were more like Arcade games.

The tips/requirements were as follows:

  • A relatively simple gameplay premise or story
  • Fast-paced, race-against-the-clock action and/or survival from ever-increasing difficulty
  • If time is used, a short initial time limit that can be extended through powerups or points
  • High replay value to entice you to try and beat your best score

For the play challenge, the first place players on the leaderboards were also given a specified value of Atmos.

The three winning levels were:

  • First: Insert Witty and Attractive Title Here by Bender
    • Leaderboard winner: Cheesyboom with 3,502.
  • Second: Evolution of Speed - Zone 2 by Frodo
    • Leaderboard winner: Daimon with 12,841.
  • Third: The Diamond Ruins by Saunby
    • Leaderboard winner: Daimon with 3,717.

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