The Aphelions are a group of enemies that came with the Future Pack. New enemies were added in the Industrial Pack. They all have ranged abilites.

Members Edit

As of the Industrial pack there are 3 Aphelion enemies. 5 if you count the robots.

Aphelion Marauder was the first added. He shoots bullets from his futuristic gun, which looks like the defualt blue laser in black.

Aphelion Airforce is a flying Aphelion. He shoots energy bursts appearing in the front of his suit. The bursts may be plasma.

Aphelion Assassin is the only hazard in the game that has teletransporting abilities. Unlike other Aphelions, the Aphelion Assassin does not have a ranged attack. It only has short, yellow pulse swords. But the teleporting nature of the Assassin makes it good against ranged enemies, too.

There are also robots that seem to be alongside the Aphelions.

Atmobot A hovering orb with a red orb that is uses to shoot lasers, and probably see.

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